Mailbag: Should I focus on getting users or building a great site?

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I often receive questions from readers about my experience working on the web, at Cheezburger, and so forth. I enjoy it when people reach out to me, which is why I make all of my contact information—including my phone number—available on my contact page. If you have a question for me, on- or off-topic, please don’t hesitate to send me a note.

Recently, someone sent me an e-mail asking…

When [Cheezburger] began, what were you more concerned about, getting a lot of users or building a great site?  Or did both of those just kind of grow together?

At Cheezburger, we have always focused on having the best content possible…”more quality content” is our motto…and we figured that if our stuff was ROFL funny, then people would share it with their friends…and that’s exactly what happened.

So, when it comes to “getting a lot of users or building a great site”…that’s sort of the same thing, as long as you’re focused on what will really make your site great…which in our case was funny content.

These days, because social networks are more important than we used to be, we focus more on encouraging our users to share content through Facebook, Twitter, etc.  But, we still rely on our audience to share with their friends, and it still comes down to the content—nobody is going to share something that isn’t funny.


Written by scottporad

August 20th, 2012 at 8:20 am