Do Dumber People Have More Success in Startups?

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Do dumber people have more success in startups?  The answer is maybe.

Today, in Hire For Cultural Fit Over Competence, Brad Feld writes:

While you always want to shoot for high competence, high cultural fit people when you are hiring early in your company’s life, it’s always better to chose cultural fit over competence when you have to make a choice.

A point which I agree with whole-heartedly, and which I’ve written on before in Higher IQ Doesn’t Always Yield Better Results:

…the conventional wisdom is that the smarter team is the one that will do a better job on the project, yield better results and have more success. But, in fact, that isn’t true.

It turns out that the team with greater “social awareness” will have more success, according to new research by Anita Woolley, a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University.

In other words, teams that get along better with each other will have more success than other teams which, may be smarter, but don’t get along as well.

I’ve said it many times: given the choice, I’ll always choose a good team over a bunch of geniuses that can’t get along.

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December 18th, 2012 at 4:28 pm

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